How Long Should a Laptop or Netbook Last?

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The majority of people would expect an electrical appliance to last around 5 to 10 years whether or not its a washer, TV or laptop. However, laptops rarely continue to function for more than 5 years.

If the user is not careful then a laptop is easily ruined by being dropped or liquid spilt on the keyboard etc. These are defects generated by the user and are not considered in this article. However, manufacturing and manufacture's faults are beyond the control of the operator and will now be considered in more detail.

Around, 25% of brand new laptops and notebooks fail inside 3 years of purchase. Squaretrade in 2009 revealed that 10% to 15% of brand new laptops stopped working within 2 years and 15% to 25% stopped working within 3 years. They are an organization supplying computer warranty so have compiled these fascinating statistics. These figures do not incorporate accident statistics where a owner has damaged the laptop. Nearly all laptop buyers would be really surprised to find that their laptop probably will go wrong within 3 years of purchase through no fault of their own.

There are many reasons precisely why a laptop may fail when carefully used as the manufacture instructs:-

1. There could possibly be a manufacturer's design mistake. For instance, the manufacturer might have made use of an incorrect electronic component on the laptop motherboard. It might perform correctly for a while then fail as a consequence of heating up or overloading some other component.

2. Electronic components exhibit a reliability rather like that of a light bulb. A light bulb could possibly have an average life span of say 10,000 hours prior to when it fails; 99% will last around this time but 1% will go wrong considerably sooner than this. A laptop will consist of multitudes of electronic components which are all expected to work not less than say 100,000 hours, however, if one of these components breaks down early and it is a crucial component then your laptop will cease to function. It can be extremely difficult for a manufacturer to fully prevent this occasional breakdown of a component other than picking parts which have extremely low failure rates.

3. Mechanical items are always liable to premature failure because of the moving elements. A laptop has switches, hard disk drive and DVD drive all of these consists of mechanical elements that may fail. As an example if the spindle of the DVD drive is marginally off centre then in due course this will increase the wear and cause the drive to fail. Dependant upon the severity of the fault and how often the drive is used then the laptop might fail sooner than expected.

A laptop is a very complex piece of electronic equipment, containing a large number of tiny components, each is quite reliable but each has the possibility to go wrong and completely disable the laptop. So perhaps it’s hardly surprising that one in four laptops go wrong within 3 years.

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How Long Should a Laptop or Netbook Last?

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How Long Should a Laptop or Netbook Last?

This article was published on 2011/10/07