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The mini laptop is the new trend in personal computing. To be able to travel anywhere in the world and yet still have all of your music, movies and games with you, and also still be able to communicate with the world at the push of a few buttons is such an amazing advancement for humanity. The mini laptop is also environmentally friendly because it means no more need for creating millions of CDs and DVDs of music and games. Instead, everyone can just download the content needed without any extra resources being used. Now what about protecting the mini laptop while traveling? That question is often a neglected one, with most of the energy and time put into researching the computer itself and not the laptop bag. It is very important to make sure your new mini laptop is properly protected from bumps and bruises, as well as spills and inclement weather.

Most padded laptop bags are meant for full size laptops up to either 15.4 inches or even up to 17 inches in some cases. Now putting a 13 inch mini into a laptop bag meant for a 15.4 inch laptop might be ok, but the 8.9 inch mini won't be so lucky. There are specially designed laptop bags that are meant for the new mini laptops up to 13 inches. These mini laptop bags come in a variety of styles, such as the messenger bag, a backpack or a mini sleeve.

Some laptop bags are more stylish, while others are more functional. The Belkin 7 inch quilted carrying case is a stylish way to carry around the smaller mini laptops in. The Belkin comes in a variety of colors, and is a cross between a laptop sleeve and laptop bag. With no extra room for accessories, this bag carries the mini laptop snugly inside, and has a shoulder strap for portability. Belkin also offers a neoprene sleeve that is without a shoulder strap. This sleeve is meant to protect the mini in a bag that is not originally meant for a laptop. The sleeve offers padded protection around the mini and lets you put it in any bag you choose.

Timbuk2 offers a messenger bag that is great for students, who often carry many bulky items as well as their laptop. The messenger bag has room for textbooks, notebooks, folders and accessories, and also has a padded space for the mini. This Timbuk2 laptop bag is waterproof, with a padded shoulder strap, which is very comfortable on the shoulder. There are pockets for organizing accessories and even a key ring. The messenger laptop bag fits up to 12 inch laptop in the padded section.

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If you prefer a backpack, try the Booq BOA XS, perfect for a mini laptop and still has room for some accessories. The BOA XS fits up to a 12 inch laptop, plus all the wires associated with it, and still has room for some cds, a couple of magazines and some small electronic devices such as an Ipod or PDA. This laptop bag is perfect for the commuter who doesn't want something too bulky, but a laptop bag that has enough room for some entertainment while protecting their laptop.

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Mini Laptop Bags

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This article was published on 2010/03/26