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Laptops have really changed over the years. The first laptop computers were hardly smaller than their desktop counterparts. However, as popularity grew and technology became better, laptops became much more manageable. The first laptops had very uninteresting colors. Usually they were colored beige. Pink laptops were unheard of at the time.

As time went on, laptop colors started to branch out. Black laptops became more available, and sometimes navy. Still there were no other colors. However, in just the past few years, there have been many more color options available to choose from. Pink laptops have become very popular. You may wonder what caused the change from the early years. What was it that made the manufacturers choose to start making different colors of laptops? Who ever came up with the idea of colored laptops?

The answer is very simple. The reason is marketing. The original use for laptop computers was for business people to be able to conduct their business during travel. Business people need to be taken seriously, so pink laptops were out for them. However, when the internet became wireless, more people wished to have a laptop just for fun and portability. Laptop manufacturers tried to think of ways to access markets that they never had before. One of the largest untapped laptop markets was young people and women. Customization is important to women, which is why these laptops have become such a big hit.

Now it is possible to buy a pink laptop from almost anywhere. They are not the only color to choose from, however. There are also orange, green, blue, red, yellow, clear, and many other colored laptops. Choosing a unique laptop color has become a way to announce to the world the kind of person you are. Many women choose pink laptops because it combines femininity with business. Not surprisingly, pink laptops are one of the highest selling colors of laptop. Many women choose their computers based on surface details like the color.

The addition of pink laptops to the laptop market has enabled many companies to enjoy significant increase in purchases. Usually women who buy colored laptops due so because they are cute and efficient. If a woman does not know a lot about computers, she may choose one based on appearance. This is something that manufacturers have tapped into.

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Pink Laptop

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This article was published on 2010/04/01