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Laptops are considered one of the useful and compatible computing devices as they are of great use for the people who compute on the go. If you are a laptop user and finds its performance slow, then it is irritating. With passage of time a laptop gets low on performance but this a very common thing whether you are using dell laptop or HP laptop, its performance degrades with time, and to fix this problem you can either subscribe to dell laptop support or HP laptop support.

Here are the some important tips to boost the performance of a laptop
While fixing the slow laptop problem you should first find the programs which are automatically starting with the operating system of your computer, there are various programs and applications which starts up unnecessarily with operating system which delays the boot up time of laptop, by executing the msconfg command, some start-up programs can be limited, by doing this only important programs will start at boot-up this is the good way to enhance the speed of the laptop.
You need to check the programs which are using more processor power than its normal requirement, you can identify those programs by clicking Shift ,Ctrl ,and Esc buttons together, by doing this task manager will start, go to process tab and check the programs with high usage of processor. Sometimes programs use more processing power due to the issue like corrupted key file, this may be the issue of the software itself, and to fix this issue the program must be reinstalled.
Sometimes a laptop not able to perform smoothly because of virus infection this requires deploying a genuine and powerful antivirus application in laptop. After installing the antivirus program a deep system scan is required, this will remove all viruses and malware.Laptop performance can be improved by installing some tune-up utilities, these small application take very low space on your laptop and scans your laptop on daily basis, these scans keeps your laptop up to date and healthy.

Other methods of boosting computer performance include
• Updating Ram
• Removing unwanted software
• Clean-up of C drive on regular basis
• Removing dust from Fan and motherboard
• Disabling unwanted services.
• Use of original softwares

Remote Computer repair is now very efficient way of troubleshooting PC issues. There are many IT organizations that offer remote computer support to the computer users at a very convenient price. You can avail Lenovo Laptop Support, Dell laptop support and any other laptop support just by dialing their toll free number.






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Speed up your computer with remote technical support

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This article was published on 2013/05/16