Teach You to Reduce Heat of Laptop AC Adapter

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Itâeuro™s sweltering this summer. We take measures to get cooled. We have air conditioner, short skirt, and ice-cream. How about our laptop? It can not cool itself. But it keeps on working the whole summer when we are in need of it. And the same is to the laptop AC adapter. Itâeuro™s another heating resource. My friends HP laptop makes him suffering because of the boiling AC adapter (380467-001 AC Adapter). So letâeuro™s give our laptop a cool summer.

The easy and popular way is to get Laptop a cooling base at the bottom of the high speed fans. And the base material is usually a good heat conductivity metal, large metal through the air circulation and cooling the heat sink to cool for laptops. Now the market has a wide range of cooling base, we can choose according to your own situation. I recommended one for my friendâeuro™s HP laptop, but his still worry about his 380467-001 AC Adapter because of the heat.

Another way is to create laptop a cool environment. Usually at the bottom of laptops are left for the outlet, leaving place to install the fan outlet, thus it forms an air circulation to keep notebook cool. So when we use notebook, do not let other things block the air drawn into and out. We can put higher base under the laptop. This can help heat dissipation. Do not put the notebook on the soft bed or mattress that will block the outlet, the temperature will shoot up! When you find cooling fan too noise, the notebook should promptly clean up the dust inside and so does the fan.

In addition, there is another way to cool the laptop. There is a software named RMClock. Its operating principle is lowering the pressure but keep the frequency. That is to say, the same CPU, if at the higher voltages, the heat raises. Therefore, the work of lower CPU voltage artificially can reduce the CPUâeuro™s heat. But do not recommend this approach, if youâeuro™re not professional.

All in all, you can take steps to keep your laptop having a cool summer. But do not forget your AC adapter.

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Teach You to Reduce Heat of Laptop AC Adapter

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This article was published on 2010/09/13